Inernational Conference on the „Society of Internet Platforms“


Organized by the Institute of the Information Sciety at UPS

The Conference aims to bring together prominent experts and esteemed scholars from Europe and the USA to have a lively international discussion about online platforms that play an important role in our contemporary societies worldwide. The Conference will be an event to discuss the most exciting developments and narratives about various aspects (legal, social, economic, etc.) of online platforms shaping our societies. The conference aims to present the consequences of the widespread use of online platforms in terms of social and constitutional doctrines, protection of free speech, media/e-commerce regulation protection of intellectual property.

The Conference of the Society of Internet Platforms Conference, hosted by the University of Public Service in Budapest, Hungary on 28-29 October 2021.

The Conference will bring together prominent experts and scholars – including Jack Balkin, Lawrence Lessig, Oreste Pollicino, Mark D. Cole and Uta Kohl – to share their thoughts and engage in lively discussions about the role and regulation of online platforms in our contemporary societies.

The conference is organized in a hybrid format; it does not require registration; the streeam will be available on the conference website: and the social media sites of the University.