Pozvánka na seminár o online žurnalistike


Invitation to

Media, Citizens & New Journalism, Timisoara, 2013 September 5-7

Thursday, September 5 Arrival of guests 15.00 – 16.00
Registration of the trainees/ Press conference
First session 16.00 -18.00 1h Introduction to Project New Media Literacy for Media Professionals SK

1h New Online Tools for (not only) Journalists SK
Second session 18.00-20.00 2h Terrorism and the Media MT Mauro Sammut

(Social event t.b.c)

Friday, September 6 3rd session 10.00 – 11.00
30 min Curator Journalists – the New Face of Postindustrial Journalism BG Nikolay Kolev – trainee
30 min Civic Journalism.Citizens protests.The blog role BG Anelia Dimova
4th session 11.0-13.00
1h Online Media Ethics RO Cristina Baican
1h Romanian Case studies RO Brindusa Armanca
5th session 14.00-16.00 1h Regulation of New Media Services in Europe SK
1h International Approaches to Regulation of Internet-related Platforms SK
6th session 16.00 -17.00
19.00 30 min. Investigative Journalism on the Internet Era: Successes and Risks. BG Svetlozar Kirilov
30 min. Online Corporate Investigation. Common Objectives with Journalism BG Anna Arnaudova
30 min.
Distribution of Certificates Final Comments All Dinner

Saturday, September 7
Informal discussions, exchanges, remarks on the issues Sightseeing Timisoara Lunch