Porozumenie korupcii – seminár v EP


Venue: European Parliament, P7C050 Registration: Altiero Spinelli Building Entrance Place Luxembourg
Contact on April 9: Office MEP Brantner Phone: 02 28 45354 12:15 pm Discussion Round II: Corruption and EU Funds
Tuesday, 9 April 2013 10:30 am Welcome Dr. Franziska Brantner, Greens/European Free Alliance
Stefani Weiss, Brussels Office, Bertelsmann Stiftung

10:45 am Presentation of the 1st EU FP/ ANTICORRP Policy Report:
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Controlling Corruption in the EU
Prof. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi
European Research Centre for Anti-Corruption and State-Building (ERCAS), Hertie School of Governance, Berlin
11:00 am Discussion Round I: The Effects of Corruption on Public Budgets, Tax Collection, Employment, Gender Equality, Electoral Turnout and Brain Drain
Chair: Jens Geier (requested) Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
Introducers: Sabine Donner Transformation Index (BTI), Bertelsmann Stiftung
Prof. Davide Torsello, University of Bergamo and Mihaly Fazekas Cambridge University
11:40 noon Q & A – Plenary Discussion
12:15 pm Discussion Round II: Corruption and EU Funds
Chairs: Monica Luisa Macovei European People´s Party
Introducers: Valentina Dimulescu, Romanian Academic Society, Ruslan Stefanov, Centre for the Study of Democracy,
Dr. Grzegorz Makowski, Stefan Batory Foundation, Dr. Andrej Skolkay, Bratislava School of Communications and Media
13:00 pm Q & A – Plenary Discussion
13:15 pm Concluding Remarks Prof Alina Mungiu-Pippidi
Sabine Donner Eva Joly (requested) Greens/European Free Alliance
13:30 pm Sandwich Lunch