Histories of Digital Journalism: A conference exploring the intersections of history, culture, digital technology and journalism


Conference website and CfP: https://sites.google.com/view/hodj2022/cfp

24-25 June 2022 (Friday-Saturday)

Budapest, Hungary

*Keynot Speakers*

Mark Deuze (University of Amsterdam)

Laura Ahva (Tampere University)

Abstract submission deadline: November 20, 2021 (CET).

*Call for Papers*

Although the shared past of digitization and journalism stretches back at least to a half-century, digital journalism history is a field still in formation. Building on the momentum of the recent „historical turn“ in digital media and internet studies, the aim of the conference is to bring together an interdisciplinary network of scholars to interrogate digital journalism histories and to start a global critical exchange on various approaches to and aspects of historicising digital journalism.

As digital journalism has been re-configured by socio-historical contradictions of communication and complexities of its technolgical innovations, journalism scholarship should continuously strive for enhancing critical exchange to advance studies that intersect with numerous disciplines, theoretical approaches and methodological traditions. Emphasis of the conference is on the plurality of histories instead of one single digital journalism history, acknowledging diachronic as well as synchronic complexities of social relations, political contingencies, cultural traditions and power configurations between journalism and digitisation. Instead of enforcing on great master narrative, the conference aims to offer a space to embrace the co-existence of parallel, somtimes complementing, often conflicting historical investigations and narratives.