Successful Seminar on Online Media in Romania


Seminar Media, Citizens & New Journalism which was held under auspices of SKAMBA and Leonardo da Vinci Program in Timisoara, Romania, 5-7 September 2013, was seen as success story. Following Power Point Presentations were presented: Introduction to Project New Media Literacy for Media Professionals (Andrej Školkay), New Online Tools for (not only) Journalists (Mária Hong, Renata Minova), Ethics in Media. Multiple case scenarios (Joyce Grech), Curator Journalists – the New Face of Postindustrial Journalism (Nikolay Kolev ), Civic Journalism.Citizens protests.The blog role BG (Anelia Dimova), Romanian Case studies (Brindusa Armanca), Regulation of New Media Services in Europe (Simona Luckanickova, Andrej Školkay), International Approaches to Regulation of Internet-related Platforms (Maria Daudova, Andrej Školkay), Investigative Journalism in the Internet Era: Successes and Risks (Svetlozar Kirilov), Online Corporate Investigation. Common Objectives with Journalists (Anna Arnaudova). The next seminar will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, in March 2014. Interested experts and journalists are welcome!